What You Can Expect to Receive from the AVERAGE Website Design Company

Most website design companies are capable of creating an attractive design with adequate capabilities that will be easy enough for your visitors to navigate. However you should also expect your design company to...

  1. Be available whenever you need them
  2. Listen carefully to your needs to ensure you get what you asked for
  3. Update you frequently concerning their progress
  4. Guarantee they will meet your deadline for completion

Unfortunately, many web design companies fall short on one or more of these four points; however Zetta Technology Management unconditionally guarantees to meet all four of these demands. We are able to make this promise because we have built our company around customer service and rewarding our designers and programmers for exceeding client expectations and deadlines.

Our ability to exceed client expectations and offer exceptional customer service sets us apart from other Web Design Agencies.

What Most Website Design Companies Don't Want You to Know?

If the purpose of your website is to attract more clients or customers to your business, there is a vital component you should demand from your Web Design Company that nearly all of them ignore. Web Design Companies don’t incorporate this either because they’re blind to its importance, don’t have a clue how to fulfill it or both. 

The average Web Design Company will tell you that there are two areas of expertise they provide for the development of your website: programming and design. Some also offer search engine optimization to help drive more traffic to your website. If you ask the average Web Design Company to help you write your copy, they may have someone with decent writing and language skills to assist you.  

What these web design companies neglect to offer, however, is an Expert Marketing Strategist who will work with you to ensure your website will bring you an abundance of new customers.  Zetta Technology Management offers whatever level of marketing services you need to ensure your website turns your website traffic into leads and sales. You simply choose the level of services you need to ensure your website meets your goals.

Having an Expert Marketing Strategist who will work directly with you separates Zetta Technology Management from virtually every other web design company.

Why Websites and Other Marketing Efforts Rarely Achieve More Than Marginal Success.

Most businesses confuse tactics with strategy. Tactics is the execution of your marketing plan. This includes such things as media selection, budgeting and relationship building. Strategy, on the other hand, is what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. An effective strategy is one which delivers the right message at the right time to the right target market. It requires having something great to say and saying it well.

Perhaps the most serious fault of nearly all Web Design Companies and even the vast majority of small businesses is they fail to understand that strategy is almost always senior in importance to tactics. Thus, they mistakenly focus most of their marketing effort on tactics and their websites and other marketing efforts rarely achieve more than marginal success.

The goal of your marketing is to cause potential prospects to believe they would be making a huge mistake to buy the type of product or service you offer from anyone but you.  That’s why Zetta Technology Management uses a seven-step process called The Marketing Formula to separate our clients’ business from their competitors.

Understanding what your marketing goal should be and having The Marketing Formula to achieve this separates Zetta Technology Management from nearly every other Web Design Company.


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