One of the More Common Aspects of Having a Successful Website is Content Updates

As your company expands and develops, your content will need updating to reflect adjustments on a regular basis. Moreover, the more successful your company becomes, the more frequent these updates will be. If you're familiar with web development technologies and feel comfortable updating your website then this shouldn't be a problem for you. However, finding the time to make these updates can become the issue. Likewise, if you're not a web designer with technical expertise in web development technologies then you’ll most likely need assistance to make these updates to your website.

From experience we've learned that having a website can take focus away from you core business as well as weaken cash reserves on hand. Having an effective strategy to address these issues can have a huge impact and ultimately make the difference in acheiving your goals! 

Save Time and Energy

Zetta Technology Management allows you the time and energy it takes to focus on your core business while effectively having a web sourced set of designers and developers available 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. Not only are we available whenever you need, but we also listen carefully to your needs to ensure you get what you asked for. Our Website Maintenance plans are affordable and can be retained on a monthly basis; with a simple to understand per update fee, or we can modify your plan to suite your needs.

Updates are generally made within 24-48 hrs upon approval. Re-vamping of existing sites or adding dynamic applications; such as e-commerce, and database capabilities, will be quoted separately.

Receive Google Anaylitics

For a limited time only, all new clients who subscribe to any of our maintenance plans will receive Google Analytics as part of their maintenance plan. All reports are emailed weekly, and monthly so you'll get the best picture of your websites success.

Report Details...

  • Visitors Overview
  • Map Overlay
  • New vs. Returning
  • Content by Title
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Keywords

Focus on Your Core Business

Track your websites success, save up to an immediate 50% off all updates, cut administrative cost, save time and energy, focus on your core business, and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing it.

What's Included

Learn how Zetta Technology Management can create a stunning website for your business that has all of the capabilities you want, will drive in an abundance of traffic, and will enable your business to dominate your competition.

Maintenance Plan Features & Examples Pricing

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